Hacker Way Design

This 28,000 square foot space on Facebook’s Menlo Park Campus is designed to function as both an open cafeteria and a private “all hands on deck” company meeting room. As a cafeteria, the dining area opens to the exterior to take advantage of Silicon Valley’s beautiful weather. As a private meeting room, the space contracts to create a closed and secure global videoconferencing space. Quick transitions between uses are enabled by three different furniture layouts painted onto the ground as colored linework.

An expansive ceiling-scape of bright, undulating acoustic baffles enables quiet conversation without the need for walls or other acoustic surfaces that would encroach on the open floor plan. Lower baffles provide intimate spaces for dining while higher baffles are arranged along paths of travel.

Within the bright white queuing corridor, a wall of LEDs glow softly in 8-bit glory, entertaining waiting diners. The interactive installation was programmed by local ux designers, though internal “hackers” can take it over.

Joseph worked on the design, detailing, and construction drawings for all aspects of the cafeteria while under project lead Patrick Flynn at envelope A+D.


All images © Jasper Sanidad