Juniper Networks Campus Design

Working with John McNeil Studio and architecture firm RMW, we designed architectural expressions of the Juniper Networks brand at their new 600,000 square foot global headquarters in Sunnyvale, CA. The signage, landscape, hardscape and interiors are all designed as functional expressions of the company’s mission to “Connect Everything. Empower Everyone.”

To distinguish this new campus from the overwrought Silicon Valley headquarters of younger technology companies, we utilized a neutral palette of textural materials to give the campus a modern, timeless feel. Visitors are guided through the campus with graphic pathways, lighting and signage that create connections through the landscape and into the buildings.

We worked with Downstream to design digital media installations integrated throughout client-facing spaces. The lights of the TerraStream installation are visible through the lobby facade. Each illuminated rod in the suspended sculpture represents a point on a map of the world. Two digital consoles allow visitors to see the real-time data controlling the constantly changing lights: from the growth of Internet access over time, to rates of “happiness” across the world, to population densities, weather patterns and more. Users can even swipe their finger across the console screen and see the sculpture immediately respond.